Charge (Japanese yen, inc. tax) per a night



single room          1p.    4,950


twin room         1p.     8,250

           2p.    9,900


single+twin room                       2p.  12,000

                          2p.   Fr. Sa. pre-holiday  13,200

                    3p.   13,200

                3p.  Fr. Sa. pre-holiday   14,850


Sep . to Jan. more than 7 nights, 15% off.

Feb. to Aug. more than 7 nights, 12% off.


Child lying together    2000 yen plus

Big child,  the same as adult





Bath towel, face towel, bath mat, beach towel, hair dryer

Hair shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap

Desk light for PC

Washing machine, laundry detergent

and you can ask us Iron, clothe dryer, bandage, insect bites, 

cutting board, knife, dish, soy sauce







We  can not accept under 1 year old baby or a group of only under 20 years old persons.


Please ask us about long stay.



Breakfast (bread, coffee or tea, salad, egg dish) 1 meal 600 yen


Tropical Breakfast (bread, coffee or tea, salad, egg dish with duck or beef, fruit platter, yogurt)  1100 yen


For vegan, lacto vegetarians, handled.

Allergies will be handled as much as possible.


Please make a reservation.






Please check airbnb

If you are 190 cm or more, please let us know. We add an attachment to the bed.