A cozy modem little B&B in a fishing village.                     30~40 minutes from Naha by car.

환영 स्वाग ยินดีต้อนรับ !!!

Guests from overseas, please use airbnb.


Ojima island (Okinawa, Nanjo city, Tamagusuku )  is a good place for a pleasant stay a bit off the beaten track. The island of a myth where 11  Gods got off.  A small small guest house was made next to the lighthouse ruins.

My wish is to host all good people , no what their belief or country . We are respectful for all religions and their practice. So, we do not consume or cook pork / pork related products.

And we offer privacy. Every private room is with a shower and a restroom. But if you want to share fun and talk with us, you are warmly welcome. 


a room for 2, little ocean view

Ozi and Oba on the Gunges river




A highlight around here?

Within the walking range :  Sea,  Fishing port,  Drying squid,  Tempura shops,  cats,  Kannondo and worship spots.

Within 20 minutes by car : Shurijo-castel ( world's cultural and natural heritage ),  the Tamagusuku trace,  the numbers of warp ruin of  castles,  Hyakuna beach,  the Azama harbor,  Kakinohana Hija (brand-name spring water ),  SEFAUTAKI  is the world's cultural and natural heritage, too.  Okinawa World,  Gyokusendo and Gangara the valley.


Any eating place?

There are many places we recommend.

But the most of the restaurants near the island close early. So, you should be careful.


No alcohol ?

Ojii is suggested abstinence by a doctor. It was so, we decided to make it abstinence every the inn. It is also according to the people of Islam and Hinduism. About little of beer after shower isn't minded, but  please do not to be found by Ojii.


No smoking?

It's no smoking in the building completely. The house is wooden and has strong sea breeze, so when you smoke in the garden, please be careful.


Respect for all religions,  what specifically?

We hope Hindu persons, Islamic, Judaism, Christians, Amish,  Buddhism or Shinto persons  stay overnight in our house and relaxed. We do not serve pork or alcohol. 

We do not cook pork or pork related products in the house. We'll serve breakfast with the tableware which has not touched pork kinds.

A yoga mat has been prepared, you can use it for praying,  for a yoga and a stretch in the beach.

Additionally we respond to the demand as much as possible.

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